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Comprehensive Consulting Engineering Services

Thermal Systems Engineering Inc. is a consulting engineering firm that was founded specifically to provide the engineering expertise required for small and intermediate industrial businesses to operate successfully in the present era of

While TSE has concentrated on developing the expertise and experience required to deal specifically with energy related projects and problems, it has also established an association with several other specialized engineering firms. Through this association, TSE is capable of providing all the engineering disciplines and services required to complete large construction projects, as well as the in-depth feasibility studies and conceptual design studies that must be completed before a project can be established and funded.


TSE has been continuously engaged in the execution of energy related projects since its establishment. These projects have included the development of

Of particular interest is a series of feasibility studies that have been completed for a major utility company. These studies involved the conceptual design and evaluation of cogeneration systems for industrial application. The systems investigated have included

The industrial operations involved in these studies have included

The completion of these studies has required the development of a sound working knowledge of the various industrial processes involved, as well as an expertise in the application of different energy conversion systems evaluated.

Vast Engineering Experience

The president of our company, Mr. Kelton Grubbs, Graduated from the University of Arkansas, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1963. Since his graduation he has specialized in and worked exclusively with industrial and utility energy systems. This experience includes


TSE was originally founded in November 1979. At that time the company was known as Wilkerson and Grubbs International. In January 1982 the name of the company was changed to Thermal Systems Engineering.


Because of our wide range of experience in a variety of industrial operations, Thermal Systems Engineering is uniquely qualified to provide the engineering services required to develop and implement your energy system project or solve the energy related problems that your operation may be experiencing.


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